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Samana / Sanchez / Sabana de la Mar / Las Terrenas / Playa Bonita / El Limon / Las Galeras / Nagua

A few words:

The 75 kilometer-long Samana Peninsula is the quintessential Carribean with its cobolt and aqua blue waters, lush, dramatic landscapes, protected bay dotted with small islands, desolate beaches, and coconut palms as far as the eye can see in every direction. Don't let the lazy, layed back mood fool you, though. The Samana Peninsula has a culturally and historically rich history that reads like a James Michner novel (but, much shorter, of course). The Los Haitises National Park, located in the Samana Bay between Samana de la Barbara, the capital of the province, and the small fishing town of Sanchez, teems with biological diversity boasting over 760 species of plants and 110 different birds. In fact, one of the largest marine birds in the world, the American Frigate, come here to mate yearly. The males are commical and fascinating to watch with their giant black bodies, sciccor-cut tail feathers, and bulbous red pouches under their chins inflated to the point of explosion to attract the attention of mates. The small, rounded calcium-bicarbonate islands are actually hollow, and the 5 distinct indigenous populations that used them have left their marks in the form of pictographs, petroglyphs, and artifacts. The islands also reveal the Peninsula's geologically violent past where the bay waters have worn away at them at different heights over time. Tectonic plates are not the only source of violence that Samana has seen. Since the 1750's when Spanish interests relocated families of the Canary Islands to Samana, the French, British, Haitians, Americans, and Germans have either had plans to, or succesfully did, occupy the territory. Be it whale watching in the Samana Bay Marine Mammal Sanctuary, relaxing on the remote beaches of Playa Rincon, visiting the decendants of 1860's African-American immigrants in Barrio Wilmore, or enjoying midday tapas at a cafe in Las Terrenas, the Samana Peninsula has something for all ages and interests.

Proximate International Airport:

Puerto Plata La Union (POP)...best option.

Excursions & Activites, By Land & Mountain:

  • El Limon Waterfall Hike/Horesback Riding
  • Quad Runner Tours
  • Horseback Riding
  • Nature Hikes
  • Rock Climbing
  • Drive-Yourself Jeep Tour

Excursions & Activities, By Sea & River:

Educational Excursions:

Community Service Projects:

  • Beach Clean-up Projects
  • School Projects
  • Census Projects for the Department of National Parks
  • Community Education Projects
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