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  • Valid Passport and Copies: Guests will need a valid passport and should bring 2 photocopies of the identification page of their passport. These copies will be kept by Tours Trips Treks & Travel staff as a precautionary measure in case of loss of the original passport.
  • U.S. Currency: Guests should bring at least U.S. $20 in cash to satisfy entry and exit requirements. Tours Trips Treks & Travel suggests that all other currency be brought in the form of traveler's checks.
  • Health Insurance Information: Guests and/or chaperones should bring all necessary information pertaining to the group's travel insurance including: a copy of the policy, claim forms, individual insurance cards, and phone numbers of the provider in the U.S. and abroad. 4T offers international health insurance coverage through Intermational Medical Group, and has a wide variety of plans with coverage from 10 days to 3 years. Please review our International Health Insurance Plans to see which one is best for you.
  • Prescription Medication, Toiletries, Eye Wear and Mosquito Repellent: Guests should bring sufficient prescription medication, toiletries, contact lenses and solution, and mosquito repellent to last the duration of their stay. Guests who wear contacts should be sure to bring their glasses as a precautionary measure. These items may be unavailable or, if available, may be considerably more expensive than if purchased in the U.S.
  • Clothing: Guests should bring casual and comfortable summer clothing (shorts, T-shirts, tank tops) that is appropriate for their selected excursions. Guests should be aware that clothing might get dirty and/or wet during excursions such as the Cascade Hike or White Water Rafting. Although laundry service will be available, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring "old clothes" that can stand up to the wear and tear of such activities. In case of chilly weather, guests should bring at least one pair of long pants and one long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, or lightweight jacket. In addition, guests should bring at least one "nice outfit" for a special event, such as the Farewell Dinner. While traveling, it is important to respect tradition (*don't forget the basics: socks, underwear, and pajamas.)
  • Shoes: Guests should bring at least one pair of shoes for the beach (sandals or flip flops) and at least one pair of comfortable, rubber-soled shoes that are appropriate for their selected excursions. As mentioned in reference to clothing, shoes may get wet and/or dirty. Therefore, guests shouldn't bring their best pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots for these activities.
  • Rain Gear
  • Beach Gear: Guests should bring a bathing suit, a beach towel, and a sun block of at least #15 SPF, a hat, sunglasses, and personal water bottle.
  • Book Bag/Knapsack: Guests should bring a small bag to contain necessary items (towel, sun block, water bottle, snacks, etc…) during full-day excursions.
  • Academic Materials: Guests should bring a Spanish-English Dictionary, a blank notebook, and writing implements to record new vocabulary and information learned on various excursions. Guests should also feel free to bring texts for educational or pleasure reading.
  • Duffel Bag/Suitcase: Guests should pack practically and appropriately for their stay. As space is often an issue in transporting and lodging large groups, guests should bring the smallest duffel bag/suitcase possible.

    * To maximize the quality of student trips as educational experiences based in cultural interaction, Tours Trips Treks & Travel suggests that guests leave Walkmans, Diskmans, and other electronic devices at home.

Optional Items Checklist:

  • Biking Clothes and/or appropriate excursion garb
  • Camera and Film
  • Travel Alarm Clock
  • Flashlight
  • Aqua Socks
  • Donations for Community Service Project

Please feel free to contact us at info@4tdomrep.com for any further questions.

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