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Builders Beyond Borders
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A letter from B3:

We had occasion to contract with Rich Weber, 4T (Tours, Trips, Trek, and Travel), in The Dominican Republic in 2004. Planning and logistics preparations began in late 2003 to bring 100 B3s in February, 50 B3s in March, and 100 B3s in April to the D.R.

Builders Beyond Borders is an organization that provides high school students with opportunities to engage in humanitarian service, to strengthen their awareness of diverse cultures, and to develop lifelong commitments to helping others by partici-pating in construction projects to benefit impoverished communities throughout the world.

During the "work week" of each 10-day trip, the B3Kids focus on the construction projects in the mornings; in the afternoons, we like to take them on excursions appropriate for their ages and energy levels. In addition, for a day or two before construction begins and after the construction is finished, we introduce them to other parts of our host country so that they have a more complete picture of the country and its people.

Because of our numbers of high school students (ages 14-17) and because each group works in a different part of our host country, the planning and logistics preparations present unique challenges. Rich Weber was, to put it simply, just amazing! He knew exactly what kinds of excursions would be appropriate AND fun for adventurous teenagers; he was always there to supervise the safety of the kids; he was somehow able to remember the name of each kid; his sense of humor was key to his relationships with them; he always had an alternative in mind if some-thing happened to make an excursion not possible; he was open and forthcoming with the adults; he was always on top of the expenses.

We are so fond of Rich and 4T that we wish we could clone him for all of our destinations!

Jeri and John Skinner, Founders

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