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Preciosa Beach on North Coast Beach Explore

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Rhinocerous Iguana

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Trip Highlights

  • Bring your sunscreen!Travel Coast to Coast across the Dominican Republic from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean!
  • Stay in the Nation's Capital, Historic Colonial Zone and on Cabarete Beach!
  • Explore the Pomier Caves Anthropological Reserve!
  • Remote Beach Bonfire Dinner and River Trip!
  • Horseback Riding and Tubing in the Septentrional Mountains!
  • Explore the Beaches of the North Coast!
  • Learn to Dance Merrengue and Bachata!
  • Canyoning in the Septentrional Mountains!North Coast Sunset
  • Giant Catamaran Day Sail and Snorkeling!
  • White Water Rafting in the Central Mountains!
  • Farewell Dinner in a Cave!
  • Round-trip Group Airport Transfers!
  • Accommodations and Ground Transportation Included!
  • Most meals included!
  • Full time professional 4T guide included!

Trip Descriptive Itinerary

Ruins of San Fransiscan MonasteryDay 1: August 11, 2007 (Saturday)

  • Arrival. Airport pickup and transfer to Zona Colonial
  • Orientation
  • Dinner in Zona Colonial
  • Accommodations at Mercure Comercial (Santo Domingo)

Pomier Caves Anthropological ReserveDay 2: August 12, 2007 (Sunday)

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Transfer to San Cristobal (45 minutes)
  • Visit to the Pomier Caves Anthropological Reserve. The Reserve, which is located about an hour's drive west of Santo Domingo on the outskirts of San Cristobal, is the only region in the country specifically designated for the protection of a subterranean ecosystem and it is the single most important pre-Columbian site in the Caribbean. With more 6000 recorded pictographs and around 500 petroglyphs pertaining to several distinct indigenous populations, the Cuevas de Pomier are, in anthropological importance, for the Caribbean what the Pyramids of Giza are for Egypt and the Altamira and Lascaux Caves are for Europe. Cave Number One has 590 pictographs; more than are found in all other locations in the Minor Antilles put together. We spend the afternoon exploring this cave which provides insights into the Pre-Columbian origins of humans in the Caribbean with Dominican environmental activist, journalist and Espeleogrupo Santo Domingo President, Domingo Abreu.
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Transfer to Cabarete (4 hours)
  • Remote Beach Bonfire Dinner at La BocaYasica River Exploration & Remote Beach Bonfire Dinner
    A short distance from the Laguna Cabarete & Goleta park office, on the banks of the Islabon River, Wilson Zapeta has a small ranch of wildlife in temporary captivity. Here we have the opportunity to see some of the Dominican Republic's more elusive wilderness creatures, such as the Carey Turtle, Boa Serpent, Tarantula, Rhinoceros Iguana, North American Crocodile, Turkey Vulture, Sparrow Hawk, and Mongoose. From there you board a boat for a leisurely float down the Wilson River to its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. Your dinner this evening is served on the beach, amongst the sand dunes and a roaring bonfire.
  • Accommodations (Cabarete)

Horseback Riding with Uncle BobDay 3: August 13, 2007 (Monday)

  • Horseback Riding & Tubing with Rancho Norte. Enjoy your day in the foothills of the northern most mountain range in the Dominican Republic while on horseback, along with tubing in the Yásica River. This ride starts way out in the back county, and includes refreshments, guides, and round-trip transportation.
  • Lunch at the Ranch
  • Dinner at Lax
  • Accommodations (Cabarete)

North Coast Beach ExploreDay 4: August 14, 2007 (Tuesday)

  • North Coast Beach Explore
    Heading east from Cabarete along the North Coast road, we venture to the lazy-paced town of Rio San Juan. This small fishing village and quiet tourist town is best known for its five beaches and the Gri Gri Lagoon with its towering labyrinth of mangrove trees. After a journey through the lagoon and along the Atlantic Coast, we have the opportunity to take a swim and get a Coco Loco on Playa Caleton. Our own buffet lunch is served on the sprawling and beautiful Playa Grande Beach.  Before returning home we have plenty of time to play in the waves and collect sea shells.
  • Lunch at Playa Grande
  • Dominican Dance Lessons. Get ready for the Latin Nights!
  • Dinner at Windsurf
  • Accommodations (Cabarete)

Canyoning in the Septentrional MountainsDay 5: August 15, 2007 (Wednesday)

  • Cascading in Ciguapa Falls
    Journey with us into the remote Río Blanco Canyon for an unforgettable day of cascading in the waterfalls believed to be home to the mythical Dominican Ciguapa.  Ciguapas are supernatural female creatures known to live high in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.  They have blue skin, knee-length hair worn about themselves and have feet turned backwards which makes them extremely difficult to follow; not that you would want to!  Ciguapas, though nocturnal and generally weary of humans, have enchanted backwoods trespassers into never leaving the canyon with their deep black eyes.  Fortunately for us jumps from 1 to 13-meters into fresh, pristine pools keep us pretty busy and the ciguapas have allowed us to share in the beauty of their jungle homes.  Includes: roundtrip transportation, snack, guides, helmet, wet suit and traditional Domincan stew lunch.
  •  Dinner at Pomodoro.
  • Accommodations (Cabarete)

Tip Top Catamaran Full Day Sail with SnorkelingDay 6: August 16, 2007 (Thursday)

  • Full Day Giant Catamaran Sail with Snorkeling
    Join us for a day of smooth downwind sailing exploring the remote coastal areas between Maimon Bay and Luperon. "Peace and Tranquility Rule" aboard the luxurious and spacious 24-meter Tip Top with 180m2 of roomy deck space. Start the day off right with a refreshing welcome drink and Caribbean rhythms soaking up the sun and magnificent landscapes on our way to an amazing coral Full Day Giant Catamaran Sail with Snorkelinghead for snorkeling. An authentic Dominican feast awaits a little farther west on Cambiaso Beach. We'll have plenty of time to explore the serene community living in isolated tropical paradise, relax and swim before boarding the Tip Top for our final downwinder to the Luperon Yacht Club nestled among the mangroves in the naturally-formed harbor.
  • Lunch on Cambiaso Beach
  • Dinner at El Tigre
  • Accommodations (Cabarete)

White Water Rafting on Yaque al Norte RiverDay 7: August 17, 2007 (Friday)

  • Transfer to Jarabacoa (2 hours)
  • White Water Rafting on Yaque el Norte River
    A beautiful adventure in breathtaking surroundings. The Yaque del Norte river is the longest in the DR, and offers fantastic rapids, demanding technical stretches, a narrow canyon, and adrenalizing drops. Rapids are soft and gentle in the beginning allowing enough time to learn skills and commands. The second part offers rafting at its best with awesome drops, like Mike Tyson and the Mother-in-law. Includes round-trip transportation, boat, equipment, guides, instruction, light breakfast, and lunch. Rating: Class III. Swimmers only.
  • Dinner at Meson de la CavaLunch
  • Transfer to Santo Domingo (2.5 hours)
  • Check-in to hotel
  • Farewell Dinner at Meson de la Cava. The only restaurant in a cave!
  • Accommodations at Mercure Comercial (Santo Domingo)

Day 8: August 18, 2007 (Saturday)

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Airport drop-off


Mercure Comercial, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

Located in the heart of the historic and picturesque Colonial Zone, the Mercure Comercial is only two blocks from the famed "First Cathedral" and surrounded by cafes, shops, ancient ruins, and modern convenience. This building was completely refurbished in 2000 and is the best starting point for a visit of all historical monuments of the old town center. 30 km from the airport. Rooms are clean and comfortable with a/c, cable television, telephone, room safe, and private bathrooms. A full service bar and restaurant on located off the lobby on the Conde pedestrian walkway.

Hotel MagnificoHotel Magnifico, Cabarete

The ultimate selection for style and comfort. Contemporary Design Magnifico Phase IV units have 2 bedrooms with queen size beds, A/C and full on suite bathroom, complete modern kitchen fully equipped with dishwasher machine, etc…. additional full bathroom , and living room with balcony. Art Deco Design Phase III 2-bedroom apartments are similarly appointed, but with a 30 meter balcony stretching along the outside of the unit offering spectacular Caribbean views.. Located on eastern point of Cabarete Bay.


August 11 (Saturday) through August 18 (Saturday), 2007



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