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Sunset at Velero on Cabarete BeachTrip Highlights

  • Stay in the Mountain City of Jarabacoa and the Ocean-side Sport town of Cabarete!
  • Private Beachfront Community Villas on the North Coast!
  • White Water Rafting on the Yaque el Norte River!
  • Hike in the National Park El Choco and visit the Caves of BUMBA!
  • Cascading in the Septentrional Mountains!
  • Surf Lesson Opportunity on the North Coast!
  • Community Service Project!
  • Convenient shoppingRemote Beach Bonfire Dinner and Yásica River Farewell Dinner Trip!
  • Lots of Free Beach and Exploration Time!
  • Round-trip Group Airport Transfers!
  • Ground Transportation Included!
  • Most meals included!
  • Full time professional 4T guide included!

Trip Descriptive Itinerary

Jarabacoa in the Central Mountain RangeDay 1: Sunday, August 24, 2008                                  

  • Arrival to Santiago Airport (STI)
  • Group Transfer to Jarabacoa (45 minutes)
  • Late Snack/Orientation
  • Accommodations: Rancho Baiguate, Jarabacoa

Day 2: Monday, August 25, 2008

  • White Water Rafting on the Yaque El Norte RiverBreakfast in the hotel
  • White Water Rafting on Yaque el Norte River
    A beautiful adventure in breathtaking surroundings. The Yaque del Norte river is the longest in the DR, and offers fantastic rapids, demanding technical stretches, a narrow canyon, and adrenalizing drops. Rapids are soft and gentle in the beginning allowing enough time to learn skills and commands. The second part offers rafting at its best with Villa Quebecoise at Bahia de Arenaawesome drops, like Mike Tyson and the Mother-in-law. Includes round-trip transportation, boat, equipment, guides, instruction, light breakfast, and lunch. Rating: Class III. Swimmers only.
  • Lunch at the Ranch
  • Transfer to Cabarete & Villa Check-in
  • Dinner prepared in villa by 4T
  • Accommodations: Bahía de Arena Villas

Caving in the El Choco National ParkDay 3: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

  • Independent breakfast
  • National Park Hike & Caves of BUMBA
    Join us on a true walking-adventure into the past in discovery of the real Dominican Republic. Following red-earth paths walked by the Arawak Indians winding through small Dominican communities and tropical rain forest we hike up to our own hidden spot for a fresh fruit snack and an incredible view of the 8 kilometer long Cabarete lagoon. Enjoy authentic, locally grown Dominican coffee while learning about the 36 species of birds and 862 species of plants thriving around you. Formed as long as 25 million years ago in the Miocene Period, the ancient rock formations are Cooling off in the Caribbean sununique to the North Coast of the DR and hold many secrets for us to explore. Subterranean rivers and caves abound throughout the park home to plants and animals that have become completely accustomed to life in the dark. Venture with us down into the mysterious Caves of BUMBA for a cool swim in truly pristine water and glimpses into prehistory. 12 of the 18 species of bats found in the DR are living within the boundaries of the park, and, if we are lucky, we might catch a few sleeping!
  • Lunch at El Tigre
  • Afternoon free to hang out on the beach, relax by the pool or explore town
  • Dinner at Pomodoro
  • Accommodations: Bahía de Arena Villas

Big Leap in the Septentrional MountainsDay 4: Wednesday August 27, 2008

  • Independent breakfast
  • Cascading in the Ciguapa Falls, Septentrional Mountain Range
    Journey with us into the remote Río Blanco Canyon for an unforgettable day of cascading in the waterfalls believed to be home to the mythical Dominican Ciguapa.  Ciguapas are supernatural female creatures known to live high in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.  They have blue skin, knee-length hair worn about themselves and have feet turned backwards which makes them extremely difficult to follow; Getting geared up for cascadingnot that you would want to!  Ciguapas, though nocturnal and generally weary of humans, have enchanted backwoods trespassers into never leaving the canyon with their deep black eyes.  Fortunately for us jumps from 1 to 13-meters into fresh, pristine pools keep us pretty busy and the ciguapas have allowed us to share in the beauty of their jungle homes.  Includes: roundtrip transportation, snack, guides, helmet, wet suit and traditional Dominican stew lunch.  Rated: athletic beginners and intermediate hikers.  Swimmers only.
  • Lunch at Base Camp
  • Dinner prepared at Villas by 4T
  • Surfs Up at Encuentro BeachAccommodations: Bahía de Arena Villas

Day 5: Thursday, August 28, 2008                                                        

  • Independent breakfast
  • Surf Lessons at Encuentro Beach (Optional – Additional Fee US$35/person)
    Join us for the best surf on the North Coast at Playa Encuentro. Three hour group lesson provided by local surfers who will help you find your Zen! Villa Estrella at Bahia de ArenaIncludes round-trip transportation, group lesson, and board rental.  Swimmers Only.
  • Independent Lunch
  • Dinner prepared at Villas by 4T
  • Accommodations: Bahía de Arena Villas

Day 6: Friday, August 29, 2008

  • Independent breakfast
  • Community Service with DREAM Project
    Spend half a day with the Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring
    Dominican school girl in Callejon de la LomaProject helping to foster education for children in the Cabarete area.
  • Lunch at Mercedes
  • Afternoon free to hang out on the beach, relax by the pool or explore town
  • Independent Dinner
  • Accommodations: Bahía de Arena Villas

Day 7: Saturday, August 30, 2008

  • Cabarete BeachIndependent Breakfast
  • Morning free to hang out on the beach, relax by the pool or explore town
  • Independent Lunch
  • Yasica River Exploration & Remote Beach Bonfire Dinner
    A short distance from the Laguna Cabarete & Goleta park office, on the banks of the Islabon River, Wilson Zapeta has a small ranch of wildlife in temporary captivity. Here we have the opportunity to
    Get cosey with Nature on the Islabon Riversee some of the Dominican Republic's more elusive wilderness creatures, such as the Carey Turtle, Boa Serpent, Tarantula, Rhinoceros Iguana, North American Crocodile, Turkey Vulture, Sparrow Hawk, and Mongoose. From there you board a boat for a leisurely float down the Wilson River to its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. Your dinner this evening is served on the beach, amongst the sand dunes and a roaring bonfire.
  • Accommodations: Bahía de Arena Villas

Day 8: Sunday, August 31, 2008                                                          

  • Hasta la VistaIndependent Breakfast
  • Group Airport transfer and drop-off to Santiago Airport (STI)




Rancho Baiguate, Jarabacoa

Rancho Baiguate, Jarabacoa

Rancho Baiguate is located in valley of Jarabacoa, which stands at 500 meters above sea level in the Central Mountains, known as the land of eternal spring. Cool temperatures, the longest river of the Caribbean (Yaque del Norte), impressive waterfalls and the highest peak in the Antilles (Pico Duarte 3,087 meters) form a unique combination to the entire hemisphere. Baiguate's standard rooms featuring two queen-size beds will be our homes for the night. The Rancho also has a large swimming pool, gift shop, Dominican art gallery, buffet restaurant, bar and an amazing array of recreational fields, equipment and opportunities.

Villa Baywatch at Bahia de ArenaBahía de Arena, Cabarete
Bahía de Arena is a safe, quiet development located directly on Cabarete's beautiful bay. The entire complex is covered with luxuriant tropical vegetation, and offers an exceptional view on a Windsurfer's paradise. Bahía de Arena is perfect for you and your K-WEST Peops and is about a 5 minute walk on the beach into town. You can choose between enjoying one of Cabarete's delightful restaurants or cooking at home, since all of the Bahía de Arena's Villas have fully equipped kitchens amongst other luxurious amenities.


Sunday, August 24, through Sunday, August 31, 2008


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