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Entry/Exit Requirements

Guests will need a valid passport for both entry and exit. Most guests will not need to obtain a visa in order to visit the Dominican Republic. They must, however, purchase a 90-day tourist card for U.S.$10. Tourist cards may be purchased upon arrival in a Dominican airport. In either case, the card must be bought with U.S. dollars; Dominican pesos will not be accepted. Guests should keep their tourist card in a safe place as they will need to produce it, along with a departure tax of U.S.$10 (dollars only), before boarding the return flight home. In the case that a tourist card is lost before departure, a new one will need to be purchased at the airport for U.S.$10. In this case, a total of U.S.$20 would be needed to depart the country.

A concise list of those countries and requirments for entrance into the Dominican Republic, can be found at the Dominican Republic Secretary of State's Exterior Relations Department at http://www.serex.gov.do/default.aspx then ASUNTOS MIGRATORIOS the DEPARTAMENTO CONSULAR then DIVISION DE VISAS.

It is the responsibility of our guests to obtain the proper permission and documentation for entrance into the Dominican Republic. Tours Trips Treks & Travel can not be held responsible for additional expenses or losses derived from a guest's failure to obtain the corect visa or tourist card.


Tours Trips Treks & Travel highly recommends that all guests obtain travel insurance with international coverage prior to departure from the U.S. The policy chosen should be carefully reviewed to gain a thorough understanding of specific coverage, standard premiums, and the payment process in case a guest requires medical attention while travelling abroad. 4T offers international health insurance coverage through Intermational Medical Group, and has a wide variety of plans with coverage from 10 days to 3 years. Please review our International Health Insurance Plans to see which one is best for you.


Please be aware that most long distance phone cards from North America and Europe, even from major carriers, do not work in the DR. There are phone centers throughout the country where you can make international calls (including collect calls) and send faxes. Some hotels offer phone and fax services. There is also an Internet-café where you can send and receive emails. For emergency purposes, you can leave the Tours Trips Treks & Travel numbers with relatives:
Phone: (809) 867-8884
Fax: (206)600-1700
Email: info@4tdomrep.com


Electricity is 110 volts/60 cycles - the same as the US and Canada. Some hotels have a 220-volt receptacle for European appliances.


The Dominican Republic has a variety of climatic zones or microclimates: humid, dry, tropical jungle, Savannah and forest. The coastal zone is blessed with warm tropical climate, while temperatures are cooler and more temperate in the central region. The year round average is 24 degrees C (77 degrees F). Throughout the mountain region, and especially in the winter months from December to April, temperatures drop dramatically, sometimes falling below 0 degrees C (32 degrees F) in Constanza, Valle Nuevo and on Pico Duarte. Rainy times are May, November, & December but also depends largely on the part of the country you are in. For our trips we suggest that you plan for hot sun, rain, and some cool temperatures at night.

Medical and Safety Concerns

Most medical and safety concerns in the Dominican Republic can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions. As ingestion of contaminated water and overexposure to the sun are potential risks, guests should drink only bottled water and should always protect themselves with a sun block of minimum 15 SPF. Guests should also bring mosquito repellent to protect against bites and possible subsequent illness. Although vaccinations are not required for entry to the Dominican Republic, concerned guests should consult their personal physician or check with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov) for information on suggested vaccinations and other health-related precautions. Additional safety concerns would be addressed by the Dominican Embassy in the U.S. (www.domrep.org) or by the Bureau of Consular Affairs (www.travel.state.gov).

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities in the Dominican Republic can be divided into 2 categories, public hospitals and private clinics. By U.S. standards, public hospitals tend to be overcrowded and understaffed. Tours Trips Treks & Travel suggests any medical concerns be brought to the more modern private clinics that boast staff and conditions comparable to U.S. hospitals. Tours Trips Treks & Travel has researched medical facilities nation-wide and is able to recommend the best option in any given region. Please note that not all international health insurances are accepted nationwide in the Dominican Republic. It is best to have a credit card to use as a back up in this event.

Drinking Water

Do not drink the tap water. Bottled water is available everywhere. The water we use on our trips is either bottled, filtered or mountain spring water. To allow yourself to adjust to different food and water and to avoid getting sick, don't further tax your system by exhausting yourself the first day or by drinking too much alcohol.


Guests should have at least U.S.$20 in cash to cover entry and exit requirements. Tours Trips Treks & Travel suggests that all other currency be brought in the form of traveler's checks AND a debit or credit card. Guests who bring traveler's checks should always keep the purchase receipt and the record of serial numbers separate from the actual checks in case of loss. Both cash and traveler's checks are readily converted to Dominican pesos in any of the banks or exchange houses (casas de cambio) located around the country with a valid passport.

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