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Experience the many dimensions of traditional Dominican cultural heritage and contemporary society through the visual and performance arts, guided tours and adventure excursions, personal encounters with Dominican daily life, and plenty of time in the sun.


  • Travel across the Dominican Republic from the Caribbean Sea, through the interior highlands, to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Stay in Santo Domingo's historic Colonial Zone.
  • Meet the Dominican Republic's finest artists through personalized workshops and performances in folkloric and modern genres.
  • Tour the most important Dominican Cultural Museums and colorful Public Markets.
  • Explore indigenous art in Pomier Caves Anthropological Reserve.
  • Experience Carnaval in La Vega, considered the most elaborate of all Carnavals.
  • Tour and stay in Santiago de los Caballeros, the birthplace of Merengue and Bachata.
  • Visit a Sustainable Coffee Growing community in the beautiful Central Highlands.
  • Lunch with the Tremblay family at Jardin de Ninos (The Children's Garden).
  • Enjoy a day long Catamaran Sail along the beaches of the north coast
  • Choose from optional excursions including an exploration of El Choco National Park, or Dominican daily life in the unique city of Puerto Plata.
  • Enjoy free time on the beaches of beautiful Cabarete.
  • Explore the Islabon and Yasica Rivers by boat to a Remote Bonfire Dinner on the Beach.
  • Taste the Unique and Authentic flavors of Dominican cuisine in both premier restaurants and humble cafes.
  • Choose to continue the experience with an Optional Extend-Your-Vacation program for a little extra Rest & Relaxation.
  • Most Meals and some Cocktail events included.
  • All Ground Transportation included.

Trip Descriptive Itinerary

Day 1: Friday, February 2, 2006

  • Arrival to Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport (SDQ)
  • Airport transfer to Colonial Zone (.75 hour)
  • Hotel Check-in
  • Orientation & Cocktails
  • Accommodations in Santo Domingo.

Day 2: Saturday, February 3, 2007

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Walking Tour through the Zona Colonial, designated a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Rather than list dates and events, our guides prefer to recreate the past and bring life to the old ruins by means of story telling, anecdotes and legends. From Las Atarazanas, the shipyard, to the Count's Gate at the Fortaleza de la Concepción, our tour will visit the most important historical points of interest, including the First Cathedral, Casa de Colón, the Museum of the Royal House, Calle de las Damas, Chapel of Remedies, Residence of Governor Nicolas Ovando, National Pantheon, Fortaleza del Ozama, the ruins of the Franciscan Monastery and the Hospital of San Nicolás de Bari.
  • Lunch at Saint Amad, authentic Dominican
  • Performance-Lecture with Edis Sanchez. Edis Sanchez, nationally respected as both musician, and teacher, is founder and director of "Drumayor", an institution dedicated to the investigation and diffusion of the traditions and diversity of Dominican culture through music. His wife Joana is renown throughout the Caribbean as a folkloric dance performer and instructor. Edis and Joana begin our performance-lecture series of the week, introducing us to traditional Afro-Caribbean music and folkloric dance genres of Hispaniola.
  • Dinner at Meson de la Cava 50 meters below the ground in a rehabiliated cave
  • Performance by the Ballet Folklorico de USAD and dancing at Guacara Taina. Our experience of Dominican dance continues as we observe the beauty of movement and tradition as the Dance Troop from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo performs in costume, the foundations of modern Dominican dance. We may put on our own dancing shoes after the performance when the spacious dance floors are open to everyone at the only discoteca in a cave!
  • Accommodations in Santo Domingo

Day 3: Sunday, February 4, 2007

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Pomier Caves Anthropological Reserve Briefing
  • Transfer to Pomier, San Cristobal (1 hour)
  • Tour of Pomier Caves Anthropological Reserve which is located about an hour's drive west of Santo Domingo on the outskirts of San Cristobal is the only region in the country specifically designated for the protection of a subterranean ecosystem and it is the single most important pre-Columbian site in the Caribbean. With more than 6000 recorded pictographs and around 500 petroglyphs pertaining to several distinct indigenous populations, the Cuevas de Pomier are, in terms of anthropological importance, for the Caribbean what the Pyramids of Giza are for Egypt and the Altamira and Lascaux Caves are for Europe. Cave Number One has 590 pictographs; more than are found in all other locations in the Minor Antilles put together. We spend the morning exploring this cave which provides insights into the Pre-Columbian origins of humans in the Caribbean with Dominican environmental activist, journalist and Espeleogrupo Santo Domingo President, Domingo Abreu.
  • Picnic lunch at the National Park office
  • Transfer to La Vega
  • Carnaval Celebrations and Parades in La Vega. Carnaval is one of the most extravagant and outrageous festivals in the Dominican Republic. Since 1844, pre-Lenten celebrations have combined with Dominican Independence Day celebrations (February 27), making Carnaval twice as important in the Dominican Republic as it is in other countries where it is celebrated. The first documented carnival in the Americas took place in La Vega in February of 1520. Today, the city of La Vega (relocated a few miles away from the original site after an earthquake in 1564) has the reputation of having the most colorful, most authentic carnaval in the entire country. Veganos celebrate carnaval every Sunday afternoon throughout the entire month of February. For the past 100 years it's been the fierce Diablo Cojuelo-literally the Limping Devil-so called because he used to limp, pretending he was too lame to catch anyone. The Diablos Cojuelos are costumed in brilliantly colored satin and taffeta, and their masks are true works of art: huge papier mache creations of snarling medieval devil faces, complete with goat-like beards and huge teeth. Beware the snap and crack of the Diablos Cojuelos' vejigas, dried cow bladders filled with air! They say getting hit brings good luck.
  • Transfer to Santiago (1 hour)
  • Dinner in Alta Vista Restaurant on the sixth floor of our hotel with an amazing view of the City
  • Accommodations in Santiago

Day 4: Monday, February 5, 2007

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Transfer to San Jose de Las Matas (1.5 hours)
  • Performance-Workshop with Ricardo Torribio on Bachata and Music from the Mountains. Ricardo Torribio is one of the Dominican's most important young artists having won first place in the distinguished Leon Jimenez Paint Contest in 1996 among other honors. His principle medium is paint on large canvas, and his work served as the backdrop at the 2005 Dominican Republic Jazz Festival. It seems a strange way to start out a description of a workshop leader, but Ricardo is also an accomplished poet and singer. The man knows music because he feels it…the same way he feels art and is able to produce it. Ricardo will serve as more of a workshop coordinator than leader as he bridges us to music and life in the remote countryside of the Central Mountain range: the birthplace of Bachata. Ricardo's studio and home are located in the mountain town of San Jose de Las Matas where he offers art and music classes to the backcountry poor. He also has a music and dance group, "La Parcelita" with whom he occasionally performs. We will gather at Ricardo's home for a unique and intimate glimpse of his life and the music and art he loves.
  • Transfer to Los Motones, Plan Sierra (15 minutes)
  • Lunch at Los Motones straight from the organic gardens
  • Educational Agricultural Tour and Workshop-Jam at Los Montones. Plan Sierra's facility at Los Montones, funded in part by the Kellogg Foundation, serves as an agricultural training camp for poor backcountry farmers. Farmers are instructed in sustainable and organic farming methods. Los Montones is truly a place where nature and humanity have found peace. Ricardo Torribio and friends will join us for lunch and be available to share music and stories throughout the afternoon.
  • Transfer to Santiago (1.5 hours)
  • Dinner at El Tablon at the central Monument area
  • Performance and Live Jazz Jam at 27 Tablas. The secret is out. Once a sporadic, underground venue for Latin Fusion Jazz, the popularity of the music and free-spirited atmosphere of 27 Tablas have made it a regular Monday evening event known throughout the Dominican Republic.
  • Accommodations in Santiago

Day 5: Tuesday, February 6, 2007

  • Late breakfast in the hotel
  • Guided tour and presentation at the Leon Jimenez Cultural Center. Seeking to develop the collective creativity through the investigation, protection and exhibition of artistic and cultural works, the Cultural Center is quickly on its way to becoming the single most important institution towards these means in the Caribbean. Housing not only the winning works of the Eduardo Leon Jimenez Art Contest since 1964, the Center is the Dominican Republic's premier facility dedicated to cultural anthropology and history with modern multimedia and interactive exhibits. The Cultural Center is hailed as containing the best of the Nation's five national museums under one roof.
  • Transfer to Septentrional Mountains (1.5 hours)
  • Visit, Property Tour and Lunch at Jardin de Ninos
    Since her arrival to the Dominican Republic from Quebec in 1982 Paulina Tremblay has adopted 27 Dominican and Haitian children. As if raising an immense family as a single woman in the Dominican backcountry was not enough, Paulina has also founded two schools. Her schools, Jardin de Niños in Los Brazos, and Escuela La Libertad in Sabaneta de Yásica, are unique in that they cater to the needs of poor children in the local rural area. These children would otherwise be unable to receive an education for a lack of funds to cover the required school uniform and textbooks. Once a successful businesswoman, Paulina spent her savings on the purchase of land for her family home and her public schools and now lives solely by donations and fundraising efforts. She is very active in her community and assists local needy families by passing along donations of food, furniture, clothing, and mosquito nets. She has also opened a small second hand store that offers quality goods at a low price. Jardin de Niños is not an orphanage; it is a home. An invitation to stay at Jardin de Niños is a privilege, an honor and an experience that is not soon forgotten.

  • Transfer to Cabarete (20 minutes)
  • Free time to relax and explore Cabarete Beach
  • Cocktail hour on the Yasica River followed by Remote Beach Bonfire Dinner
    A short distance from the Laguna Cabarete & Goleta park office, on the banks of the Islabon River, Wilson Zapeta has a small ranch of wildlife in temporary captivity. Here we have the opportunity to see some of the Dominican Republic's more elusive wilderness creatures, such as the Carey Turtle, Boa Serpent, Tarantula, Rhinoceros Iguana, North American Crocodile, Turkey Vulture, Sparrow Hawk, and Mongoose. From there we board a boat for a leisurely float down the Islabon and Yasica Rivers to their mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. Your dinner this evening is served on the beach, amongst the sand dunes and a roaring bonfire.
  • Accommodations in Cabarete

Day 6: Wednesday, February 7, 2007

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • OPTION: National Park Hike & Caves of BUMBA
    Join us on a true walking-adventure into the past in discovery of the real Dominican Republic. Following red-earth paths walked by the Arawak Indians winding through small Dominican communities and tropical rain forest we hike up to our own hidden spot for a fresh fruit snack and an incredible view of the 8 kilometer long Cabarete lagoon. Enjoy authentic, locally grown Dominican coffee while learning about the 36 species of birds and 862 species of plants thriving around you. Formed as long as 25 million years ago in the Miocene Period, the ancient rock formations are unique to the North
    Coast of the DR and hold many secrets for us to explore. Subterranean rivers and caves abound throughout the park home to plants and animals that have become completely accustomed to life in the dark. Venture with us down into the mysterious Caves of BUMBA for a cool swim in truly pristine water and glimpses into prehistory. 12 of the 18 species of bats found in the DR are living within the boundaries of the park, and, if we are lucky, we might catch a few sleeping!
    OPTION: Half Day City Tour of Puerto Plata. Known as the "Girlfriend of the Atlantic", Puerto Plata is a City lost in time. Join us we explore behind the scenes of the North Coast's resort industry to discover what is really Dominican. In addition to visiting a school and strolling thorough the Central Park appreciating the post-Colonial architecture, we'll have an opportunity to shop, eat, and maybe even share a grande (big beer) where the Dominican's do. If there is time, we'll stop by the Brugal Rum Factory to make sure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Cocktails and Latin Dance Lessons. Tony Dancer joins us for happy hour on the beach with a few of his friends to show us the basics of Merrengue, Bachata and Salsa.
  • Dinner at Marabu with the music of Roberto Santana. Beachside under the big top of Marabu's oceanside dining tent, we enjoy the music of local keyboardist and Dominican Republic Jazz Festival performer, Roberto Santana.
  • Accommodations in Cabarete

Day 7: Thursday, February 8, 2007

  • Giant Catamaran Day Sail with Snorkeling and Live Music Performance. Join us for a day of smooth downwind sailing exploring the remote coastal areas between Maimon Bay and Luperon. "Peace and Tranquility Rule" aboard the luxurious and spacious 24-meter Tip Top with 180m2 of roomy deck space. Start the day off right with a refreshing welcome drink and Caribbean rhythms soaking up the sun and magnificent landscapes on our way to an amazing coral head for snorkeling. An authentic Dominican feast awaits a little farther west on Cambiaso Beach. We'll have plenty of time to explore the serene community living in isolated tropical paradise, relax and swim before boarding the Tip Top for our final downwinder to the Luperon Yacht Club nestled among the mangroves in the naturally-formed harbor. Native Puerto Plata percussionist Yoel Guzman will entertain and teach us the rhythms of Latin music throughout the Day in the coolest, tropical music venue ever.
  • Lunch and Open Bar on the Boat
  • Farewell Dinner at Otra Cosa
  • Cocktails at Pomodoro on the beach with Live Jazz Jam
  • Accommodations in Cabarete

Day 8: Friday, February 9, 2007

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Transfer to Santo Domingo Las American International Airport (4 hours)
  • Departure. Hasta Luego!

Optional Extend-Your-Vacation

Days 8-10: Friday, February 9-Saturday, February 11, 2007
Don't want to go home?! Stay with us for an additional 3 days and 2 nights with breakfast included. We'll even take you to the airport when it is finally time to go.
There is plenty more to do in the DR. Keep discovering with 4T A La Carte.

    • Helicopter Tours
    • Golf at Playa Dorada
    • Deep Sea Fishing
    • Day at the Spa
    • Horseback Riding
    • Mountain Bike Downhill Tour
    • Scuba Diving
    • Windsurf Lessons
    • Kiteboarding Lessons
    • Paragliding / Ultralite Tandem Flight
    • White Water River Rafting
    • Absolutely nothing on the beach


Hotel Mercure Comercial, Santo Domingo
Nights 1 and 2
Located in the heart of the historic and picturesque Colonial Zone, the Mercure Comercial is only two blocks from the famed "First Cathedral" and surrounded by cafes, shops, ancient ruins, and modern convenience. This building was completely refurbished in 2000 and is the best starting point for a visit of all historical monuments of the old town center. 30 km from the airport. Rooms are clean and comfortable with a/c, cable television, telephone, room safe, and private bathrooms. A full service bar and restaurant on located off the lobby on the Conde pedestrian walkway.

Hotel Centro Plaza, Santiago de Los Caballeros
Nights 3 and 4
The Hodelpa Centro Plaza is located directly in the Center of the beautiful City Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Whether business or pleasure, Hodelpa Centro Plaza offers unparalleled service, comfort and the attention to detail necessary to make your stay truly memorable. Our hotel is fresh and cheerful, with 86 comfortable, spacious guest accommodations, each featuring carpets, Air-Conditioner, telephone, Cable TV with remote control, mini-bar, in-room security box, radio clock, among others. In our "Alta Vista Restaurant, you can enjoy your food and beverages while having a panoramic view over the city and mountains of Santiago.

Hotel Villa Taina, Cabarete
Nights 5 through 7, option to extend through Night 9
Nestled in the very heart of Cabarete, an intimate tourist destination and windsurfers' paradise, you find Hotel Villa Taina, an exclusive, modern hotel right on the golden beach of Cabarete Bay. Comfort rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated with an aura that says "welcome home!" The unit offers two queen-size beds. From the spacious balcony, you gaze can scan a panorama of views, ranging from a marvelous ocean view or the lush tropical garden to the coconut trees whose branches wave hypnotically.


February 2 (Friday) - February 8 (Friday), 2007 / February 10 (Sunday), 2007

Payment Schedule

Participants: 45-Day Prepay / 90-Day Prepay
20-24 pax: $1,736 / $1,583
25-29 pax: $1,543 / $1,409
30-34 pax: $1,421 / $1,299
35-39 pax: $1,337 / $1,224
40-44 pax: $1,276 / $1169
45-50 pax: $1,246 / $1,141

3-Day/2Night Add-On (Accommodations and Airport Transfer)
Participants: 45-Day Prepay / 90-Day Prepay
Min 6 pax $196 / $176

Single Supplement
45-Day Prepay / 90-Day Prepay
$410 / $369


All elements of this program are pending final confirmation.
Please refer to
Terms & Conditions for all of the fine print like this.

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