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Opportunities provided by DREAM Project

Discover the Dominican culture, past and present, on our custom designed trips that will coincide with class curriculum, while safely immersing students into the diverse Dominican lifestyle. The DREAM Project has a myriad of unique adventure opportunities designed especially for students. This is a hands-on experience that gets students involved in a Hispanic - Caribbean culture.

The DREAM Project arranges for volunteers to build necessary support facilities such as libraries and additional classrooms. Projects include mentoring Dominican students, cleaning and landscaping broke down areas in the schools, and working on local Dominicans' farms. Our goal is for the students to get involved in projects that will have a monumental, long-term impact on the children and the communities that they serve. Trips can be done in Spanish only if requested.

An integral part of the student trip is for the student to explore and learn about a culture that is foreign to them. This experience will have a lasting impact on students as they discover the Dominican culture.

On all trips we will sample local cuisine, learn about local vegetation, and meet local Dominicans. By interacting with the Dominicans the students can enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. It is our goal that the students will develop an interest and involvement in the Dominican Republic that endures long after they return home.

The Dominican Republic is an extraordinary country, which has many educational opportunities and adventures. Optional excursions can be included in our trip packages to meet specific interests of the group.

Visit the first settlement in the New World, explore archeological ruins and Taino cities, observe humpback whales during their mating season, join a boat tour through national parks and mangroves, fish with local fishermen.

Work on an organic strawberry or coffee farm, visit waterfalls, participate in local home stays.

Explore the colonial zone of Santo Domingo, shop at local markets, attend baseball games, explore sacred Taino Indian caves, visit the aquarium or the Columbus lighthouse.

Work Projects
The DREAM Project will work to assign a work project that meets each group's interest and budget as well as the local needs of the community. Samples of current work projects include:

Jardin de Los Ninos: Jardin de Los Ninos is a family of twenty-one adopted children living in a poor rural community. The goal is to improve their current living conditions by undertaking a clean-up project. By removing garbage, organizing a storage house, and creating innovative ways to use resources the students will drastically improve the quality of these children's lives.

El Campo en Tres Ciebos: On this home stay work project students will experience the life of a Dominican campesino. This extended family's primary source of income is the harvest of the cocoa fields on which they live. The goal is to help with daily chores such as chopping wood, getting water, and washing clothes (This may also include helping harvest the cocoa if the conditions are right). By installing water purifiers and building a new hut, the students will make a life-long contribution that will help this family community grow and support one another.

Esperanza/Libertad: Esperanza is a preschool, created for poor children in rural areas, who would otherwise be unable to receive an education. The goal is to build a garden with the preschoolers and help brighten their learning environment. By working on the landscape and simply interacting with the preschoolers these students will enter into a mutually beneficial relationship.

Caraballo Batey Project: The purpose of Caraballo Batey Project is to build a schoolhouse so that all children in this community will learn to read and write. This important contribution will aid in the effort to provide education for children in families living in such a high poverty level that excludes them from public education. Today, approximately eighty children of Haitian descent are unable to attend the local elementary school. Students will build a schoolhouse and give these children the opportunity to learn.

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